Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Recently, I went back to The Fort to assist with a rock concert. It's good to have connections.
Steve Augeri was the lead singer for Journey from 1998 to 2006 and is the only singer I've ever seen perform with the band. (I'm too young for Steve Perry... although I definitely think of him first when I think of Journey!) So when I got the opportunity to help with the show, I hurriedly booked a plane ticket. I love the rush of working a concert. I love the all access pass around my neck. I love meeting rock stars.
The concert went off great and the next morning, I got to drive some of the band to the airport. They ran down their set list and talked about additional songs for their next gig, including "Be Good to Yourself." I was all ears when Steve Augeri started discussing the Neal Schon (Journey guitar player) and Salahi scandal. According to these guys, it's all for press. Journey does have a new album out! All told, they were great, down to earth guys who were appreciative and kind. Couldn't ask for more!
The rest of the visit was spent hanging out with family, gorging on a butter toffee coffee cake alongside a chocolate malt, and a baby shower for Rocket, who is due in November. Oh yeah, and lots of loving on my 4 month old niece.
Doesn't she just make you want one of your own? ::sigh::
I'm trying to conveniently forget the whole "your plane lost a flap on take-off but we're still going to fly you 400 miles at only 11,000 feet and greet the arrival with fire trucks" portion of the trip.

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The Fischer Family said...

Still can't believe you were soooo close..right next door...and I didn't even know it! *sigh* Oh well! Next time! Glad you had a great time! I love me some Journey! I saw Journey and Heart a few years ago at Riverbend and it was the best concert I have ever been to!