Friday, October 28, 2011

Flash Bulb Friday

My college roommate from Sims, sophomore year, lives near Charleston. Last year, she had some amazingly sexy and gorgeous photos taken of her and her adorable hubby on a beach with a lighthouse behind them. This was the place: Morris Island Lighthouse.
When Kimhead, Rach, and I shipped off to Folly Beach last month (HERE) we made a last minute stop here before getting on the road. Despite the long hike in the heat and sand (God, I hate sand) I was super pleased when I was able to get this photo. For as much as I hate the beach, it was an amazingly fun trip and I'm so glad we went.
And I'm glad we were able to hike our butts out to see the lighthouse. Even if there weren't any cute guys to roll around in the ocean with for photos!

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