Friday, October 21, 2011

Flash Bulb Friday

In November 2008, Meghan joined me on a fabulous Caribbean "Lesbian Extravaganza" cruise that left from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I never would've realized it, but that's definitely the way to maximize your cruising experience, so you can hit more ports with less days at sea. I digress...
We booked an extra day in Puerto Rico so we could stroll the cobble stone lanes of the Old Town. (You know I love me some cobble stones. Refer back to any and every entry about our Scandinavia trip back in May!) We snapped tons of photos of brightly colored buildings, turquoise waters, and towels depicting naked women in souvenir shops. This was one I caught along the Paseo del Morro, which was basically a pathway along the footings of the outside walls of the old Morro Fort.
Even though I was traveling like the past 3 weekends, with one more trip on the books before December, I find myself looking through photos like this and just wishing myself there. Don't I always promise myself a beach vacation during the winter? One of these days, remind me to follow through on that promise!

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