Thursday, October 6, 2011

Premature Flash Bulb

I'm homesick.
Last weekend, I went back to The Fort for a super quick visit (more on that soon) so I felt inspired to offer up a picture from round-about the place I grew up.
I took this photo on a visit back in 2007, when I was home for a friend's wedding. ::waves to Michelle & Justin:: I battle quite often about moving back or staying in South Carolina. The fact that my life has been in SC for the past 11 years makes it harder to just pack up my shit and ship off. Especially when I realize that the weather is so much nicer here than there. Snow makes me violent.
So, in my moment of weakness today, I'm sending happy thoughts to the universe that one day I will truly figure out where I belong and where I should spend the rest of my days. Both The Fort and SC offer me wonderful life opportunities... just different opportunities. And that's OK. Sometimes we just need to remember where we've been to see how bright the future is ahead of us.
Wherever that future may be.

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The Fischer Family said...

I'll switch you places! I'd love to live in SC! Just joking! I can't imagine being so far from home, even once the place you are starts to feel like home! It's hard to believe I moved to the Fort 22 years ago. I've been in another town for years now, but when I drive through the Fort it still feels like home!