Sunday, October 16, 2011

I Love You, Puff

Sometimes, it's good to just take a step back, slow down, and realize how great life really is.
In the ADD I have with life, I'm crazy guilty of over-packing my schedule. Earlier this month, I was traveling 10 out of 18 days! So, after a brief sickness, the travel, the 4 weekends in a row apart from my husband, work chaos, and general life insanity, it was great to just STOP this weekend.

Now, of course, our "stopping" isn't exactly a grinding halt. Nope, we had friends in town for a few days and kept plenty busy. (More on that in an upcoming post.) But what it did force us to do was for Puff and I to actually be at our house. Together. To sleep in the same bed and spend a lot of time regrouping.

So, Friday night, when the gang was circled around our living room, I found myself glancing across the room at Puff. He was wearing his frat boy uniform, sporting a little sexy scruff, joking around with everyone. And without realizing it hit me, I seemingly fell more in love with him. A giant smile spread across my face as my heart swelled with love for this amazing man.

Sometimes, we take each other for granted. We take our lives for granted. We don't spend the time we should spend together. And some days, I feel like I don't even deserve him. But in "stopping" this weekend, a wave of contentment washed over me.

I'm drowning in it and am loving every second.

Happy 17 months of marriage, Puff. Here's hoping you can put up with me for many more to come!

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The Fischer Family said...

That was awesome! It's amazing how that happens isn't it? I married Steven at 21 and to this day have never regretted my decision (although I'm sure there were people who thought I was crazy!!) There are days I can't believe it's possible, but I now I love him more now than I did then. Love's pretty awesome that way! Happy 17 months to you guys! Tomorrow is our 8 year! EEECCK!!