Saturday, June 20, 2015

And Away We Go....

Healey is here.

And she's perfect.

I think we'll keep her.

I owe you a birth story (because of course she didn't come on her scheduled c-section date!!!) but that will have to wait. Today, right now, is the first time that my whole family, just the 4 of us, have been together in The Bungalow. My parents have been rockstars keeping Bimmer for us while we were in the hospital and last night while we got settled.

But right now, I'm soaking up the quiet love that is happening right now... Bimmer and Puff snuggled in her room for a nap. Healey half dreaming on a blanket on the bed next to me.

It is the perfection of life that I never saw ahead of me... the perfection I never thought possible. The life I never quite imagined could be mine.

But it is. And I cannot get enough.

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