Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fill the Bucket

A few years ago, I came up with a bucket list for the year. Or maybe it was just for the summer. I don't really remember, but no mind, because this year, I want to make a summer bucket list. Yes, from the woman about to give birth any second to a mid-June baby that is kinda sorta gonna goof up a lot of summer plans. HOWEVER... we must not forget I have a 3 year old whose life shouldn't have to stop just because she became a big sister. I figure these are easy and fun things that she will get a lot of mileage out of that hopefully Puff and I will enjoy as well. 

* Try a New Playground - There is supposedly a kickass wooden playground in the next town over that I've been dying to let Bimmer try! 

* Play in a Water Fountain/Splash Pad

* Have a Picnic
* Water Park - Bimmer saw a video of a local water park and has been asking for weeks to go. Hopefully we can go later this summer! 

* Camp Out - She camped in the backyard for her birthday and I want Puff and Bimmer to be able to do it at least once more before fall 

* Swim with Friends

* Play in the Rain

* Perfect Eating Ice Cream - Bimmer is horrid at eating ice cream... I think it's time we load her up on some and let her figure it out 

* Get Shaved Ice - There is a food truck I keep hearing about in the Upstate that supposedly has the most amazing shaved ice. I am dying to try! Er... Bimmer would like it too! 
It will be strange to have a "summer break" this year from work. Although, of course, I know that being home with a newborn is no real break. But I am hopeful there will be days that I can walk to pick up Bimmer from school, that Puff will be home early enough some nights to grill out for dinner, and that overall, we make the most of this time together as a newly made family of 4!

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