Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Healey's Birth Story

I may or may not have mentioned in all of my last pregnancy updates, that I wasn't 100% sure that Healey would make it to her June 18th scheduled C-section. Just anything and everything about the end of the pregnancy led me to believe that she wasn't going to make this easy. And I was definitely correct.

You can read about Bimmer's birth HERE from 3 years ago. I didn't think it was possible to have that birth scenario... the pushing and not being able to get the baby out, so having to have an emergency c-section. It just had never even occurred to me prior to it happening to me with Bimmer. I figured with Healey, that even if I didn't have the picture perfect scheduled c-section, it could never rank up there with Bimmer's birth story.
Eh... I'd almost flip a coin at this point as to which was worse!
Last Monday, I had my last pre-natal doctor's appointment. The doctor didn't check me for progress (why would he? I was scheduled for a c-section that Thursday) but he did mention that he wasn't sure I would make it to Thursday. Well, he totally jinxed us!!! I felt a bit "off" early that evening, but I had been feeling "off" for awhile, so I didn't know if it was anything. I laid down with Bimmer and snuggled her to sleep. I was very emotional that night and just wanted to lap up every single second I could with my sweet girl. When I stood up out of bed around 10pm, I felt like I was about to pee my pants. I ran to the bathroom and yes, there was more uncontrollable fluid that I expected.
Did my water break? Or was I just losing that much bladder control? I wasn't 100% sure.
I did go ahead and alert Puff and text Kimhead though, just in case. Better safe than sorry.
At 12:30am... I was certain. I was standing in the kitchen and had a mild contraction (which I had been having all night, and off and on for days really) and I felt fluid leak down my leg. I ran to the bathroom as quickly as I could, but by the time I got there, my panties and shorts were totally soaked through and there was no stopping the fluid - like I could have stopped the stream had it been pee. Time to call Kimhead to hit the road (she had roughly a 90 minute drive to get to us) and notify my parents (who were scheduled to fly to town that Thursday, not Tuesday!!!) and finish packing our hospital bag.
By the time Kimhead got to the house around 2am, I was definitely struggling with some pain through my contractions. I was, however, eternally grateful she made that drive for us in the middle of the night so Bimmer could wake up with someone she recognized in the morning. It was my worst case scenario as far as that was concerned... I was so worried about Bimmer and having someone here for her. In fact, waiting for Kimhead was probably NOT the wisest decision when it came to me actually being in labor. My contractions weren't super regular at the house, but they were anywhere from 8 minutes to 4 minutes apart. By the time Puff sped us to the hospital? I had a contraction in the car before getting out, one standing there at the door waiting for Puff to park the car, another in the elevator, and TWO at the desk while they were getting me checked in!!!
Let's just say that 2:30am until 4am was pretty horrible. They got me into a room right away, and confirmed that yes, my water had broken. And that yes, my contractions were now consistently 2 minutes apart! And oh - they FUCKING HURT!!!! The doctor that was on call was not from my practice, but at this point, I totally didn't care!!! The contractions were miserable... apparently they are worse after your water has broken??? (They broke mine with Bimmer after I was already drugged up.) I was crying and screaming and was totally being a baby. I have no idea how women have natural births with no drugs. God bless them because I was in a lot of pain... and they couldn't do anything about it until after they had run my blood work, gotten me some fluids, and found the doctor. (He wasn't answering his cell - um, not cool buddy!!!)
The nurses were fantastic though!!! They got me prepped as if they already had the go-ahead so that by the time the doctor did arrive, they were able to wheel me straight back to the operating room. I was so miserable by this point that I didn't think it was possible to get any worse. I was just ready for Healey to come out!!!
Oh... but it was possible for it to get worse.
Like, WAY worse.
Like... they couldn't get the spinal in worse.
God bless the sweet nurses who held my hand, pushed my body into positions I didn't think possible, and let me bawl on their shoulder. They were so supportive as I struggled through my close contractions and was poked repeatedly in the spine... like at least 10 times. They did finally manage to get it in and from then on, it was cake.
Or as "cake" as it is to get your body sliced open and have them pull out a baby! The spinal did work, whereas my epidural had worn off during Bimmer's delivery, so they didn't have to put me all the way under. It was such a blessing to hear Healey's first cry and then get to be aware of her first few minutes of life.
I have lots to update on... my recovery so far, Bimmer's reaction to being a big sister, how Healey is doing after the first week home, and oh yeah, her first round of Project 52 photos! Puff is easing back into work, my incision is slowly starting to heal, and my parents just left today to go back to The Fort. So we are officially on our own at this point. But we've got this.
I've got a loving husband by my side, who is doing anything and everything he possibly can, while still dealing with the rat race at his office. And more importantly, I have two happy and healthy daughters. My pain recovery will come soon enough and then life can move on a little bit easier and we'll get into the swing of it all.
Thank you to all of you for your love and support and well-wishes and prayers as Healey made her arrival. She is a little miracle and we are over the moon in love!!! 

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