Friday, June 5, 2015

Finally Three

Three years. The last time these blocks will get used by Bimmer for an entire YEAR. As I've mentioned before, thankfully Healey will be here and we can do WEEKS with her for awhile. Gosh, this push gift was the best gift ever!
So, just a little photo dump today of a few of the pics we got of our growing girl! (Check out Southern Hands on Etsy and Facebook for the adorable custom made shirt. They made Bimmer's birthday shirts for her 1st and 2nd year block photos too!) UPDATE: She has had her 3 year well visit and she is 31.8 pounds and 37.5 inches tall. We are going to try to wean her off her daily inhaler and we are monitoring her ears again. But overall - doc is happy with her growth and progress! 


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