Sunday, June 28, 2015

Healey 1:52

Yes, here we go again. Another year worth of baby squishiness and milestone updates!
I think the biggest thing that happened in Healey's first 7 days of life didn't actually happen to her, but rather, to me. As her mom. I will admit to being a little afraid at the end of my pregnancy that for some reason, I just wouldn't be able to love her the way I have loved Bimmer for 3 years. But everything they say is true... the second I heard her cry, my heart grew infinitely to fit her right in. She was a piece to my life I never knew was missing. And now, I could never imagine one second of my life without her. It is a blessing to be her mom and I vow to do anything and everything I can to make sure she has the best life possible.
As for her own development... she was born 8 lbs. 13 oz. and left the hospital at 9 lbs. She went back to the pediatrician at 4 days old for a check of her jaundice. She had been at a level 9 at the hospital, but when we took her back that Saturday, it was upgraded to a 13.5. Thankfully, they said it wasn't within any sort of danger zone that required treatment. She also went back at 6 days old for her one week check-up. Her jaundice was back down to a 9, so we were moving in the right direction! She was back down to her birth weight too, but she was a good eater, so they weren't concerned. However, that is also when they noticed she had a very faint heart murmur. Cue a panic attack for this mama! (Will update as we have more info.)
Otherwise, Healey is just the sleepiest and snuggliest baby EVER. I would not be exaggerating if I said she sleeps up to 20 hours a day right now. Sometimes she will wake just long enough for us to change her and give her a bottle before she conks right back out again. She's a good eater (taking 2 ounces literally from the start) who has kept to a pretty routine every 3 hours worth of feeding. She can fit in newborn diapers, but we've mostly been using size 1 with the front folded over some. She is also in size 0-3 month clothes (since I didn't feel like wasting money on newborn clothes) and while some fit better than others, we're making it work. No sense to me in buying a bunch of stuff my chunky baby will only wear for a few weeks! She is also very hiccupy and is my pacifier baby. She even tries to hold it in her mouth on her own.
Lastly, I won't do this every week (because, let's be real, that's overkill and unfair to Healey as her own individual person) but I just had to share the girls side by side one week photos. I think it's safe to say that Puff can no longer claim that the Milk Man is Bimmer's father... or at least not unless he decides the Milk Man is the father of BOTH of these sweet girls!

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