Friday, June 26, 2015

Post Partum

My favorite blogs to read are those who don't try to pretend to be something they aren't. I love the moms who admit to having breakdowns post-partum and those who don't try to pretend like their kids never have tantrums. I want to read about the REAL.

So here is my reality at the moment, 10 days post partum...

* After the horrible start to the birth of my lovely daughter, recovery began. In the hospital, I definitely had lots of pain, some dizziness, some complete and total exhaustion where I just almost passed out, an ear infection (because why not?) and just normal, run of the mill, post-major-surgery stuff.

* The first poop was excruciating. You're welcome for sharing. Coughing is also painful. As is getting up from being seated or laying down, especially if I don't have anything to grab on to for leverage. This is getting better each and every day though. Thank God! I don't want my insides to fall out!

* Since being home, I've weened off my major pain meds and am just on a heavy-duty Motrin. Most of my pain is on the left side, spreading around from the middle of my incision to the center of my back. I am worried my sciatica is still there, since sometimes I still have that pain down my left leg. I'm seriously hoping not - I don't want to be 33 years old with two small children and have to live with that crap the rest of my life!!!

* I managed to come away with only a few stretch marks on my stomach, but of course they're right in the middle. Hopefully they will fade a little bit with time. War wounds, right? They don't worry me nearly as much as my flat belly button was worrying me. (It never popped all the way out, but was close.) Thankfully, it is back to normal shape. Life can go on as planned.

* I gained a total of 53 pounds this pregnancy (versus 48 with Bimmer) and have already lost 25ish. I suspect not being so swollen (my feet look normal again!!!) and not eating constantly and in the middle of the night helps with that. I also am doing an Herbalife shake almost every day for lunch, although I did have a Poptart for breakfast this morning. Hey, there were a few left in the box - no sense in letting what we already have here at home go to waste, right?

* Lastly, I have been extra weepy the past few days. I remember bawling last go-round when my parents left town after Bimmer was born, but I don't remember much else just causing me to cry for no apparent reason. This time? I definitely cry at least once a day. Most of the time it is at bedtime when Bimmer is crying and wanting attention and that sets off Healey and I just get massive mommy guilt about Bimmer resenting me and her sister, and it just spirals into all three of us crying and Puff having no idea what to do. (His normal response is to get mad at Bimmer for crying. Breaks my heart even more.) Hopefully this will wear off soon enough... once I am physically at a better place. I think that will make it easier with both girls.

There you have it... what's really going on right now with my recovery. Sorry there weren't any photos. Figured you didn't need any visual aids on this one. I promise to be back next time with some photos of a squishy baby or an adorable 3 year old, or some man candy. Something.

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