Monday, June 8, 2015

Man Candy Monday

I'm going to be phoning it in today for obvious pregnancy reasons... I will try not to phone it in too terribly much once Healey gets here, but you never know. Anyhoo... a little flashback hotness today to make a Monday feel a little bit less like a Monday. (Although yay for this being my last Monday at work until after the baby!!!)
I've loved Brad Pitt ever since "Legends of the Fall." How could you  not? (Although recent years? Eh...) But vintage, classic Brad Pitt? Sign me up. Mr. Smith had an unhealthy hetero-crush on him as well. In fact, so much so, that when we were dating, we always talked about naming sons Roland (from Mr. Smith's fave book) and Tristan (from Mr. Pitt's character in Legends.) The name Tristan is still top 5 for me in boys names... but it would never feel right having a Tristan without it being Mr. Smith's son, so alas, probably not looking at having a Tristan ever. (Ya know - that whole boycott I'm imposing on no future pregnancies and not being married to Mr. Smith puts a kink in that.)

Anyway... so classic, vintage Pitt for your eye candy pleasure today.... 


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