Monday, February 9, 2015

Past Halfway

Read about Bimmer's 20 week update HERE.
Since my last update, a miracle has happened - my nausea has all but gone away! I mean, it hasn't gone away COMPLETELY but boy is it significantly better without having to take nearly as much medication! In fact, as long as I eat something before bed and stay on a pretty strict 5:30ish dinner followed by a 9pm bowl of cereal, the nausea is pretty well under control. Although I also have to stick to my 5am poptart, followed by a 7:15ish second breakfast, followed by another late morning snack routine. Yes, I feel like I'm eating everything under the sun, but I'm also not puking daily, so it's a compromise I'm willing to make.
I've had some lower back pain here and there, that started to get a lot worse in week 18. Thankfully, rest and Tylenol seem to help at this point. I fought a cold shortly after my last update, which always sucks, even more so when you can't take anything to relieve it. Oh - and I started to feel Healey fluttering around in there sometime between weeks 16 and 17. It was subtle and not super frequent, but it was definitely that feeling.
Now that we know Healey is a girl, it is getting soooooo hard not to go shopping for her! I just have to keep in mind that we have almost ALL of Bimmer's old clothes, and with their birthdays slated to be only a few weeks apart, the seasons should work out wonderfully in the clothing department. I have decided I am going to get Healey a new sleeper for hospital newborn photos and then another new one to come home in (since we kept Bimmer's in her keepsake box). But other than that, she doesn't need anything new to start. As much as that pains me - it will save the wallet for more important things like diapers and formula!
I went to the dentist during week 18 and my gums were in rough shape. I knew they were - they had been super sensitive lately. Last go round, I ended up with 923043 cavities after my pregnancy with Bimmer since the hormones just got me all out of whack. Here's hoping some bleeding gums is as bad as it gets. Those are a lot more easily remedied!
I have also staggered into some of my maternity clothes. I *hate* maternity jeans with a passion. They never stay up right! Ugh! I did buy some skinny ones this pregnancy though that I have yet to wear. Hoping they work out! I do have some size 12 pants that I got from a friend/Banana Republic outlet last go round that are working perfectly right now. I love being able to still button something. Anything. For as long as possible, right?

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