Friday, February 6, 2015

Going on an Edventure

Ever since I lived in Columbia, I have wanted to visit the EdVenture Children's Museum. In fact, I worked next door to it for a hot second and never even peaked inside. So once we had Bimmer, I knew it would inevitably me on our "Must Do List" to swing on over there to check it out. And what better time of the year than January? Yuck!
So we loaded up the car and hit the road to Columbia for a girl's only day. We had big plans... Kimhead was coming with us and later in the day, we would meet up with other college friends and get to meet Baby Ford for the first time. So exciting!

As far as children's museums go, neither Puff nor I are all too keen on them. In fact, we both lose interest after about an hour. But Bimmer loves them and that's what matters. (And Kimhead was excited to have a kid to go with!) We spent almost 3 hours there and that was plenty. I loved that they had a library area and the "Snowville" slide was fun - even if it is only seasonal. I would think in warmer weather, their outdoor butterfly garden and water table would be fun. Although at $11.50 per person (no price difference for kids or adults) I felt like it was a little steep. Although maybe that's not any different from any other museum.
After all that fun, we stopped at a Macaroni Grille in the suburbs of Columbia and met up with Rach and Biner and baby Ford, who is 10 weeks old. He was such a sweet little chunky monkey and I was anxious to see how Bimmer would react to a baby. She made googly eyes at him for awhile and at first when I was holding him, she came over and giggled at him and rubbed his hand. After he spit up all over me, she was kinda done with him for a minute. But then came the inevitable - she wanted me to hold her. When I said I was still holding Ford, she went over to Kimhead for her to hold her. Finally, I was going to give Ford to someone else to hold and Bimmer was very adamant that I "give him back over there." When we left, she tickled his toes and waved bye to him.
I definitely still think she is going to be a good big sister. It will just take some time for her to warm up to Healey. It was sweet to see her with another baby and I am so anxious for her to meet her baby sister.

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