Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Heart to Heart

Puff and I have never been big on Valentine's Day. In fact, we've had a strict "no gift" rule since the get-go. Just a card and a fancy dinner.
Bimmer's favorite babysitter, Cole, came over in early February to let Puff and I get our fancy dinner date night underway. It was the best date we've had in a long time - we really needed it. This pregnancy and our work schedules are making time for us as a couple near impossible, and it's wearing on us both. Thank God we have such good friends who are willing to help us out!
We are pretty adamantly opposed to going out on actual Valentine's Day... the chaos and the congestion and traffic and the PEOPLE... God help me. Puff did surprise me with some travel books (one for Iceland, one for Poland) which was pretty awesome. He got some chocolate covered orange peels as a consolation prize, since I hadn't planned on any gifts! Bimmer had a class party on the 13th (or "bal-en-tyme" party as she says). I so want to be the Pinterest-worthy mom with the cute tags and such, but I'm just not. What did Bimmer give out? Little boxes of heart stickers that her amazingly cheap mom bought at the Dollar Tree. The kids are 2 - they won't care.
On actual Valentine's Day, we just exchanged cards as a family. We always get one for Bimmer and stash it with her birthday cards. That way when she's 30, she'll have a box full of cards she will probably want to trash. Last year, we got her a little Minnie Mouse car as a gift, so we wanted to keep with the small gift (since Easter isn't that far away with the over-stuffed Easter basket I am already prepared for) so we got her a little monster that poops candy.
I did, however, fall in love with Bimmer all over again when she came to get her special treat (a Valentine's cookie from Panera) wearing this outfit...
Yup - the love of my life!

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