Monday, February 2, 2015

Drink Up, Baby

I've never been a big drinker. I mean, I had my binge nights back in college where there were a few shots followed by a few mixed drinks that some cute guy bought me because he liked my boobs. But never anything totally outrageous. Heck - I've only ever puked one time EVER from drinking. And Puff and I together? Ha. We have never seen the other one drunk. And we've been together going on 7 years.
In my old age, I've decided I'd much rather have a virgin pina colada by the pool since a) it's cheaper and b) I don't like the taste of alcohol anyway. So it is really hard for me to comprehend how some people can have such a need for alcohol in their life that they cannot even stop drinking for the 9 months they are pregnant.
I have never knowingly had one sip of alcohol during either of my pregnancies. I know I probably had some rum like the week after I conceived Bimmer, but nothing after that. Right now, two of my fellow co-workers are pregnant - one due a few months before me, one due a few weeks after. And I have witnessed both of them with wine and champagne. Sometimes on consecutive days. Now, they aren't imbibing on a ton of it - max 2 glasses that I have ever seen in one evening - but still.
I know you shouldn't judge other people on decisions that they are making that don't affect you any - but their decisions *could* affect their child. And I just cannot, will not, ever agree that it is OK to drink while pregnant. Not even a little bit. Why take the risk?
I definitely have addictive tendencies in some areas of my life. So, yes, on one hand, I get it. But these women aren't alcoholics. I feel like they are giving into wanting to be "part of the cool crowd" and can't say no when a glass is offered to them. Or maybe they just really like the taste and have a craving for it. Who knows. But it's so hard for me to sit back and not criticize them for their decisions.
Will their babies probably be OK? Sure. Just like Healey will probably be OK because I have a little bit of caffeine every now and again. I get it - there is science behind not drinking, but it's probably OK to have one here and there as well. Just like me and my favorite Coke from McDonald's.
Am I crazy to think it's ridiculous that someone can't give up alcohol for a measly 9 months? Or am I just over-reacting in my hormonal pregnant state?

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