Sunday, February 15, 2015

Nursery Woes

The one and only thing I have regretted with both Bimmer (and eventually Healey) is the lack of having a proper, what I dreamed of in my head, type of nursery ready for them upon arrival. Bimmer's was close, but just wasn't quite exactly what I had always envisioned.
The problem? I was unemployed during most of my pregnancy, making it financially irresponsible to spend a shit-ton on her room. Even paying someone a few hundred bucks to paint the walls seemed out of reach. Bimmer won't ever remember her nursery. She won't care that I had never intended for it to double as a guest room. She won't know that it took us until she was almost 2 before we painted the room a color that won my heart.
And Healey? Well, poor second child. This kid isn't even going to really get a room. At least not at first. Or well, sorta, kinda. It's just complicated.
(This photo was taken a few years ago, before minor updates, including new paint)
I don't want to put Healey in Bimmer's room straight off the bat. That wouldn't be good for her sleep habits and I just feel like it would disrupt more of us than we hope. But Puff and I will also need some sleep too. So, what do we do with the baby when the other person is "off duty" and needs some rest? We have gone through a multitude of options - including storing, moving, and/or selling the furniture in our "office" to put in another bed and make that a baby room temporarily. Or does the person who is off duty just get to sleep in the big bed in Bimmer's room for awhile and we keep Healey in the master in a rock 'n play? There are just so many things to consider.
Damn The Bungalow for being so damn small. You're cramping my style, in more ways than one.
So while I envision a gorgeous Pinterest-worthy domain (eventually) for Healey, and some big girl updates to Bimmer's room, we're stuck in a bit of a quandary until we add on to The Bungalow (or move) which will all hopefully happen before Healey turns one.
Don't want my poor, neglected second child to be sleeping in the dining room forever.

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