Friday, February 20, 2015

Pinspired Wanderlust

When Pinterest first became big 3 or so years ago, I was indifferent. In fact, I still am a little bit. I pin shit weekly, but rarely go back and reference it. Who knows though - maybe one day I will need to know how to make a burlap wreath or get inspiration for a maternity photo.

Alas, I have lately been bitten by the travel bug (not traveling internationally since 2011 will do that to you when you're ME) and I have been pinning travel inspiration left and right.

Want to plan a train trip to Norway? I got you covered.


Itching to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway? I know Puff is.


Think Iceland will be the next best thing to New Zealand? Yup... I pretty much pin something about Iceland every other day. And that country isn't that big. Do I really need 27 different itineraries and tip lists? Yes, I absolutely do.

But the thing I've been stuck on the most lately? LISTS.

I'm a sucker for a good list. And Pinterest travel lists are no different.

26 places you can drive to!   (HERE)
10 Little Towns in Europe! (HERE)
25 Places to see now! (HERE)

I'm pretty confident my travel bug will never go away. I'm already thinking about 2016 trips (probably just to visit family in Michigan and Florida, plus trips to The Fort and maybe to Charleston or Hilton Head for a quick weekend getaway) and then 2017 (probably Disney in the spring, followed by Puff's 40th birthday surprise trip that fall). Does that mean it's going to be 2018 before we leave the country again? Possibly. Where to then?



Or Slovenia/Croatia?

Decisions, decisions.

The world is just too big. And too awesome. My wanderlust is getting out of control. Better get Bimmer and Healey a passport!

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