Thursday, February 12, 2015

Party it Up

I was all set to write today about a 3 year old's birthday party we were to attend the first weekend in February, but after Bimmer's behavior issues at school (which embarrass me to be around other parent's in her class) and the fact that it was a gorgeous 60+ degree sunny day, Puff and I opted out of attending. However, it does bring up a good point.... Are kid's birthday parties out of control?
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Bimmer isn't 3 yet - she will be in May. And I had hoped to rent a picnic shelter at a park to invite some people to celebrate this year, but with Healey due only a few weeks later, that isn't going to happen. We'll just have to hold off until year 4, when we can also maybe sneak in a "Healey is turning 1" component to it that hopefully Bimmer won't notice. But these days, at least in my world, it seems like a picnic at a park for a birthday party just doesn't cut it.
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Bimmer has been to a handful of birthday parties since last year. Several, those of co-workers and friends, have been more low-key and "normal." The two we have attended for kids at her school? One was at their house, but they had rented a bouncy castle. The other was at Monkey Joe's, which is an indoor bouncy castle heaven. The party we skipped? It was at a stable complete with petting zoo and pony rides.
::banging head against wall::
Puff has been wrecking his brain on random occasions to come up with ideas on where we could host an "awesome" party for her. The zoo? A children's museum? An airport? Who knows... we have some time to decide. But let's be real... I don't foresee any ponies in my daughters' future. Sorry kids. Mommy and Daddy just don't love you enough. Obviously. @@

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