Thursday, February 26, 2015

Nothing Better on a Snow Day

We are on Snow Day #4 for our area in South Carolina. In the school district's defense, we did actually get some snow this time that stuck - maybe 2 inches??? Puff has already left to go to work, but I was proactive and took the day off ahead of time. I saw on The Today Show that Boston has 100+ inches of snow this winter and they have taken only SEVEN snow days. We've probably had a total of 3 inches of snow/ice this winter and are on snow day number FOUR? ::sigh:: I foresee school being closed tomorrow as well, since the roads probably won't totally clear off for the buses. Ugh! Is it spring yet?

Anyhoo... a little photo dump of some of the snow day activities we have been doing the past few weeks!

A sweet snuggly nap with Mommy

Baking brownies - Who needs milk & bread???

Finger painting

Making music

Dreaming of summer while playing in her pillow pile

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