Sunday, February 8, 2015

Send in the Clowns

Growing up, my parents were pretty good about taking me to see the circus pretty often. While I honestly have no distinct memory of those trips, I do remember the field trips my girlfriends and I would take in high school. Why? Who knows. Obviously, we weren't the cool kids. But oh, how much of a hottie was that Ukrainian (maybe?) guy named Gabor who was in that acrobatic troupe. Ya know... the one that came back two years in a row and we totally stalked? Or maybe that never happened and we were drunk in someone's basement? Nah... you totally know we were at the circus.
Puff and I went with Kimhead a few years back...
But when Bimmer got here, I could not wait until she was old enough to go. There's just something spectacular about the circus and I wanted her to witness it. So after she did so well on her Disney on Ice excursion (HERE), I plopped down the cash to take her. And get that girl some cotton candy! I have no idea how she even knows what that is, but darn it, she wanted some!

The entire first part of the show, Bimmer kept shouting, "This is so exciting!" That was all I needed to know we had made the right decision to take her. Some parts, she wasn't so keen on (like the dancing poodles) and others, she was entranced, like the BMX bikers. The $14 cotton candy was steep, but worth it. Since then, she keeps wanting to raise my shirt to tell Healey about the circus and the "elephants who stand on two legs and spin!" She asked me last night if we can go again next time.
Yes, baby, I think we will.

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