Thursday, January 29, 2015

Skin Deep

Skincare is not my forte.
I mean, like, at all.
So that just means I have no room to bitch about the blackheads that are all on my nose. And spreading on to my cheeks and chin. Nope - no room at all.
But wahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK... so I am resolving to get much better about my skincare. Like, maybe I'll even wash off my makeup from time to time.
So for Christmas, I asked Puff to gift me a Clarisonic brush. I opted for the Mia since it was the least expensive and I wasn't sure I needed that many bells and whistles. Bimmer picked out a hot pink one for me (which - who cares?) and I've been regularly using it for a month or so now.
The verdict? I absolutely LOVE it! Seriously - it's brilliant. I've never felt like my face has been that clean. Ever.
I use it every other day for now, just because of, ya know - LIFE - and how that comes at you and sometimes you just don't have an extra 5 minutes to wash off your makeup and lather up the brush before a toddler is coming in to pee or demand a cup of water. I use the hydrating cleanser gel that came with it and I really like it a lot too. I tried it with some of my normal face wash and it just didn't seem to work right. I scoured Pinterest looking for recommendations and did find that anything with microbeads was a big ol' fat no-no.
I did go on a mission to find a full-sized bottle of the Clarisonic cleaner and found that they don't have it in stock at our Macy's (but the lady at the Clinique counter did order it for me) and it was $25. Not cheap, but I had a gift card, so it didn't feel too bad. I popped into Sephora (for the first time ever) and they had it too - in stock - for $27. I saw lots of posts that the "Purity" cleaner was great too, but I don't know where to find it. Maybe one of those fancy-pants skin/makeup stores?
Anyhoo... I know it's not a cheap gadget, but boy is it amazing! I can officially join the ranks of all the bloggers out there singing its praises.

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Rachel Price said...

I am not sure why you can't use microbeads. That's odd. With our Mary Kay brush I use a cleanser that has microbeads in it and its great. I use the brush every day.

But I so agree with you on the my face has never felt so clean and "light."