Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas 2014

Bear with me. Hold on tight. This is going to be super duper long. Here we go....
We headed back toward home on December 23rd, drove to rural Tennessee, stayed the night, and then got to The Fort on Christmas Eve. I was still recovering from a week-long virus and morning sickness, so I felt like ass, but I made it! Christmas Eve has always been spent at my Granny's house... and will be until she dies. That was the one holiday tradition I was not willing to bend on. Bimmer had a great time hanging out with family and getting "presidents."

And like Thanksgiving, she's rocking one of my old dresses from the early 80s
We typically schedule our trip back to The Fort so that we can drive back to SC on Christmas Day. We've realized the traffic is better that way, and we normally go back to work on the 26th. But with how the dates fell this year, we actually got to spend actual Christmas Day with my family. It was really nice to get to have a nice home-cooked meal and for Bimmer to open gifts with her cousins for the first time ever!
Mamaw & Papaw found Baby Peyton a "tar" like Bimmer's so they can jam together

The day after Christmas, we tried to pack in as much as we could... including breakfast with a good friend and dinner with more friends, kiddies included!
Plus, my parents took us to a local museum to check out a train display. Bimmer loved it! She is obsessed with trains these days (Dinosaur Train, Thomas, etc.) so she was super pumped to see the big display, and even ride on one where she got to ring the bell!

Cue my devastation when I realized the salon where the lady who has colored my hair for the past 16 years had closed and I had no way to get in touch with her! I had had an appointment scheduled for that Saturday, but alas, I had to jump in the car with my hair looking the same as it has since June. Boo! However, Bimmer was a trooper in the car and was super adorable when she asked to "stop at the place with the papers and my rocking chair." AKA the Tennessee rest area.
Since we were in The Fort on actual Christmas, Santa hadn't yet made his appearance. We purposely drove back home to SC on Saturday so that we could have that night to prep and let Bimmer get her Santa gifts on Sunday morning. She was super cute when she saw the presnts and kept asking which ones were for Mommy & Daddy. So sweet that she was concerned about us! I'd say, in general, she liked her gifts. Her favorite? An umbrella. Go figure. That day was (thankfully for her) drizzly, so when we went out for lunch and to run errands, she got to take her new umbrella with her. And she giggled the entire time she had it up when we were outside. And told anyone she saw that she had an umbrella and that Santa had brought it for her. So sweet that one!

All told - we had a wonderful Christmas. We were loaded down with gifts (mostly gift cards - yay!) from my family and more importantly, Bimmer had a blast. She got to spend time with family who doesn't see her all that often, and we had a wonderful visit in The Fort. I cannot wait for next year when Bimmer is even more into the holiday - and has a baby brother/sister to share it with! Christmas will never be the same again!

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