Friday, January 9, 2015

16 Week Update

See Bimmer's 16 week update HERE.
During week 13, we got another glimpse at Healey! Or well, I did. The doctor's office goofed up the times they told us for the order of seeing the doc and the ultrasound, so Puff was late for the ultrasound. In the end, it was fine because the baby was OK! The heartbeat was good and Healey was just moving around, crossing its legs and waving. My nausea started to get a teensy bit more spread out, but I did have a UTI. Always something...
Speaking of always something... later that week, I started getting chills. Then my nausea got a lot worse than normal. Cue the additional (ahem) stomach issues and extreme fatigue. When I ended up with a 101 fever, I went to an urgent care to check to make sure I didn't have the flu. (Since it's running rampant this year and 3 people in my office had it that week.) My test was negative, but my fever was gone, so that was that. I stayed home sick the next day too though because I still could barely get out of bed. The stomach issues persisted, plus I had a cough now and a sinus headache. And those chills that just made my entire body shake! The next morning, I had another low fever, but it went away quickly. I stayed in bed all day while Puff and Bimmer went to Atlanta to visit the MIL for Christmas. By early evening, my fever spiked to 103. When the urgent care place wouldn't call in anything for what I assumed had to be the flu, I ended up in the ER. By myself. Talk about horrible! The verdict? I was really dehydrated and my potassium was low - probably from all the hugging the toilet I had been doing. They did another flu test and it was negative, so was the strep test. Blood work, urine cultures, the works... I had a viral infection, which meant they couldn't really do anything for me. They gave me potassium pills and some fluids via an IV. I felt pretty good when I left and went home for some quiet and some rest. Of course it didn't end there and I didn't feel myself for another few days. Thankfully, it all wrapped up on Christmas Day so I could enjoy the rest of the holiday!
During week 15, my nausea started to subside a little bit. The actual vomiting stopped, which was blissful! There were even a few days where I was able to skip a few doses of my anti-nausea medicine. Starting to feel more like a real person is such a wonderful feeling - I don't even have the words to describe it! I also noticed a lot of my crazy intense cravings were going away. I was still hungry every few hours, but the *NEED* for a bagel or lemonade started to wane a little bit.
I was still able to get some of my single digit pants buttoned into week 16, but it was time to start going to maternity clothes, even if I didn't want to. I was more upset by the fact that some of my more flowy sleeveless blouses were gapping in the boobs than around my belly! Ugh - here's hoping they go away some after this baby comes.
The next update should *hopefully* include a gender reveal!!! I have an ultrasound next week to check my cervix, and we are hoping the baby cooperates for a quick peak when we are already in there. Otherwise, it will be the middle of February before we can find out - and that will be torture! So send good gender vibes!!! Any bets on whether it's a boy or a girl? I don't really have any feeling one way or the other besides the fact that I have had 3 dreams where I had two daughters. Is it a sign??

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