Saturday, January 3, 2015

33 Things for the 33rd

Today is my 33rd birthday! So, in celebration, I thought I'd give you a super random list of 33 random things about me. Enjoy! (Along with some random photos from my childhood.)
1) I don't use chapstick correctly. It always ends up u-shaped.
2) For the most part, I only buy name brand groceries.
3) I like maps.
4) I write down what I did each day in a calendar I keep in my purse.
5) I once had a fireman sign my boob.
6) I never leave the house without makeup. Not to the pool. Not to the gym. Never.
7) If I had to get a new car today, I would get a new Toyota Rav4.
8) My favorite number is 8.
9) I take my work/dress pants off the minute I get home. I hate wearing them.
10) I hate that Craig Ferguson isn't on anymore. He was the best late night host. Ever.
11) I also hate those new curly lightbulbs.
12) I like naps. (Who doesn't???)
13) I'll always have Itter. (One of my best nights of my life... in a tiny hilltop Austrian village.)
14) Puff and I pronounce Wi-Fi like "wee-fee" just to be silly. I have said it that way in a meeting at work as well.
15) I can't stand to listen to people eat cereal or soup.
16) I have dog names picked out for dogs I will probably never get. (Hannibal & Atlas, if you were wondering.)
17) I have trouble watching movies older than the early 90s.
18) In high school, I used to steal traffic cones, orange barrels, do not enter signs, and whatever else was laying around.
19) I also used to drive on the highway so my friends could flash truckers. (I found out at my wedding that my dad knew about that too!)
20) I'm currently craving Apple Jacks.
21) I'm so happy Bimmer was born with a lot of hair. Fingers crossed for Healey too.
22) I hate pregnancy. I love the outcome, but damn I hate being pregnant.
23) I prefer crackers when they come in packs of just 2 (like at restaurants) and I wish you could buy them like that for at home.
24) I don't like to drink tap water.
25) Weather intrigues me. I have always wanted to be in a hurricane.
26) If I could go anywhere right this second, I think it would be a trip to Norway. (If it hypothetically were not winter.)
27) Puff and I keep our finances separate, even though we've been married for 4 1/2 years.
28) I have to wear glasses to use my computer at work, but that's the only time.
29) I like to look at snow, but don't want to go outside in it.
30) I do, however, like to play in the rain.
31) I wear a shoe size of 8.
32) I have a dream to see an NFL game in every stadium.
33) I am so blessed to have Puff, Bimmer, and Healey in my life. I am one lucky gal!

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