Sunday, January 11, 2015

Getting Old

I turned 33 this year without much fanfare. It fell on a rainy, chilly Saturday when we attempted our first real day of potty training for Bimmer.
But that aside, it turned out to be an OK day... breakfast at a local bakery with some yummy homemade bagels and then some presents!
I knew I was getting this new leather coat from Nordstrom, because he had ordered a smaller size and we had to send it back to get a larger one. I've been looking for the perfect leather coat for YEARS and I am certain this is it!
Bimmer gave me a Tinkerbell card, that she picked out herself. It came with body glitter. (News flash: I hate glitter.) And it says something to the effect of "Have an awesome birthday, girl" inside it. Puff? Well, he got me this card...
Super random, yet totally appropriate. The more random the card, the more I like it.
That night, Nanny came over to watch Bimmer so Puff and I could go "to town" (as Bimmer would say) to go to a nice fancy dinner. The last time we went to this particular restaurant for dinner, I was super-duper preggers with Bimmer and I remembered it not living up to the hype. This time? Um... yes please! I got a filet with shrimp scampi on top and it was HEAVEN. I wish I had taken a photo. That with some potatoes au gratin and some yummy bread dipped in pepper-infused oil? Brilliant!
While every year I wish that my birthday fell farther from the holidays (since it all just sorta runs together) and we can't ever go out to do anything fun outdoors (since the weather sucks in January), it was a nice quiet birthday. And you know what? I'm sorta old now - so quiet isn't necessarily a bad thing.

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