Monday, January 19, 2015

Trapt Inside

I am always saying these days that I don't find myself finding any new music anymore. And this review of an album is no exception. It's just more like old music in a new way.
For Christmas, I am very careful to save any books or CDs that I want to make sure the MIL gets those on the list of suggestions, since I know they are easy gifts for her to give to me. So when I found out that Trapt had a new acoustic CD out this year, I had to make sure I owned it.
I've been a fan of Trapt since the early 2000s when "Headstrong" made it big all over the radio - even mainstream, if I'm remembering correctly. Anyhoo... I jumped on that bandwagon and have loved them ever since. In fact, one of my all-time favorite songs EVER is "Lost Realist." Google the lyrics... if you know me personally, you know how well it fits my life!
The verdict on this album? I don't love it 100% but it's not bad. The songs don't actually sound all that different. There are two new songs (or songs that I somehow missed over the years) that are good and fall in line with their typical sound. It's not going to blow you away, like say, Shinedown's acoustic version of "45" but it won't turn you off their music either. I think I prefer the normal sound, but this CD will make a rotation in my car for at least a little while.
*Here's promising that we will start doing something interesting in our lives these days here soon so I can share something more than just random posts about random, not so interesting or personal things! Stupid winter. Stifling my creativity!*

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