Monday, September 1, 2014

Pickin' and Grinnin'

Last fall, I had grandiose plans of taking Bimmer apple picking, dressed in our fall finery, and snapping lots of adorable family photos amongst the apple trees.
Wrong. (Read about that adventure HERE)
This year, I decided to just embrace the temperatures and hit the orchard in time for our favorite type of apple, Honeycrisp. We found out they're available around Labor Day, but that is the most insane weekend at the orchards. So, we opted to chance it and hit it up the weekend before. (Which worked out better for our schedule anyway!)
And while we weren't in our plaid and boots, I made sure Bimmer rocked some overalls. It just seemed fitting for the occasion in my warped little brain.
The day was overcast and chillier than originally expected (if you can call the mid 70s "chilly") and we felt like we had the orchard to ourselves. Which, of course, I totally loved! We were able to get lots of cute photos, talk to the owners of the orchard, and devour some fried apple pies and apple cider donuts!

There are other larger and "fancier" orchards in Hendersonville, NC, but we like the feel of this one. (I also am friends with some of the extended family - so that helps our decision!) The little train ride wasn't riding yet, but that was fine... it started to drizzle and Bimmer had a poopy diaper, so we knew when it was time to make our exit. We came home with a huge bag full of delicious Honeycrisp apples to devour! And we can't wait to go back next year!

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