Thursday, August 28, 2014

27 Month Update

* She has taken to occasionally calling us just "Mom" or "Dad." I don't like it. She's too little for that nonsense.
* She loves to climb on things these days and then JUMP! Like the bed, coffee table, stools, etc. Thankfully, she always jumps to one of us, but it scares the crap out of me. We're trying to have logical conversations with her about the possible injuries she could sustain. Hopefully it's sinking in.
* We are still taking a bottle to go to sleep at night. I had hoped to be done with that by now, but Puff and my work schedules have just been insane lately, so we haven't been wanting to lose any minutes of sleep. And taking that bottle away is going to make bedtime a lot less fun. One thing we have been able to do successfully is ween her off a full 8 ounces and down to just 4. It takes her awhile then to get comfy and situated and to fall asleep, but at least it's a positive step in the right direction. She has also been doing much better with her sleep and staying in her bed. She falls asleep with one of us, we move her to her bed, and most nights she stays there all night. Sometimes, if it's after 5am, we let her get in bed with us. But it seems to be working. For now.
* While some of her pronunciations of words are getting more clear, I love the words she doesn't use quite right. If she wants her window down in the car, she asks for her "window back." If her bug bites are itching her, she says she is "scratchy." She doesn't want to get under or beneath blankets, she wants to get "uh-hind" them. And if she does something backwards, like puts her shoe on the wrong foot, she says it's "on the back way." And if she wants me to open the patio umbrella, she asks me to "turn it on."
* Girl has discovered Ranch dressing. Or "white sauce" as she calls it. Obsessed.
* We have mastered red = stop, green = go, and yellow = slooooooow. Makes driving with her a heck of a lot more, um, narrative. She also is very into elaborate descriptions of things. If something is small, it is always "little, tiny" and if it is large, it is always "big, heavy." And she always says that in the deepest voice she can muster up!
* When she gives us a hug, she grunts.
* One night, she walked into the living room while Puff was watching a car show. She looked at the TV and said, "That's a Mini Cooper, Daddy!" And she was right!!! Soon enough, this girl will be able to recite every make and model there is! She has been doing great for awhile knowing car/truck/ambulance/fire truck/bus. She knows what a "vertible" is and a "Jeep." Although a lot of times, she uses that term for golf carts. Close enough.
* She had her first dentist visit this month. I was super nervous, but she was a typical rockstar. She let the dentist do an exam and scrape off some calcium build-up like it was nothing. We got back in 6 months for her first cleaning.
* When it boils down to it, I just love that kid more and more every single day. Since she was about 18 months old, have been my most favorite days ever. If I could keep a toddler forever, I very well just might. Each and every day, no matter how much she tests my patience sometimes, I cannot wait to get home from work to hang out with her. I love snuggling up with her every night before bed, and sometimes napping together on the weekend. I like taking her out to the store with me, out to eat, and just hanging out reading books or playing in the yard. She's the most amazing little person I have ever known. I am blessed beyond words that I get to be her best bud.

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