Monday, September 29, 2014

28 Month Update

* I am pretty convinced Bimmer now knows just about anything and everything she will ever need to know. She is constantly busting out with new and random things, like recognizing a seahorse and a badger. She can officially sing all the words to certain songs. And she has started to use the word "probably." Like when she sees Puff's car in the driveway and she's all like, "Daddy is probably inside." She likes the word "already" too. She also has started to say "I love you" more often and tells me that I am her friend. Love!
* She has started to let us know when she is happy or when things make her happy. One afternoon, she told me "Doggie jammies and a big, heavy bottle make me happy." Well - then let's get on that! (And have a nap!) She also sometimes tells us that she is giggling - as if we didn't already notice. Although I have realized that sometimes when I am taking her photo, instead of having her say "cheese" (which yields a typical toddler goofy face - which Puff has yet to outgrow) that I tell her to "give me giggles" and she will actually laugh. Makes picture taking a lot easier!
* We have had a bit of a regression in the biting area. She just has such a temper and I hate it because I think she has gotten some of that naturally from me. I try not to get too frustrated in front of her, but I know that at age 2, it's hard to control that anyway. We are discussing with the teachers and the new director at her school for some options.
* She has started to assert her opinion and independence a little bit more in the area of her clothing. I'm OK with the wanting to put on her pants by herself. She actually can do it herself, for the most part, so that's fine. She also usually only insists when it's her pajamas, so we have more time to take at that point anyway. She definitely is very indecisive on which bow she wants to wear and sometimes throws a fit if I pick out one she doesn't like. So I have to convince her that it matches. Such a little fashion diva... just like her daddy!
* She likes to tell me that I have been a "bad mommy" and then when I ask why she always says, "You make a mess." And then she likes to wipe off my kisses and have me pretend cry. Then she says "I make it all better" and gives me a hug and a kiss. And she tells me that she won't wipe off my kisses anymore. She gets super excited when she can see that we are doing/wearing/acting like her. She will say "You wear glasses like me, Mommy!" and just giggle. Or she will say "I eat pizza like you, Daddy!" I love that she is noticing these things and that she still thinks it's cool to be like us! She has also been super with saying "Thanks" when you do something for her, without prompting. I hope to continue to raise a polite little girl.
* As much as I hate to admit it, the past month or so, I have been letting the TV babysit much more than I want to. Puff has been working crazy hours and I have been playing single parent a lot, so I am having to make the house run at the same time that I am keeping her. She has started to watch "Thomas & Friends" a lot more often, and "Paw Patrol." I don't mind so much since they aren't totally mindless. I think she is definitely learning some things from the few shows she does watch. Hey... gotta make myself feel better about this somehow!
* Out of no where, while we were in Hilton Head, she busted out with saying her full name... which is a mouthful. I love that she puts such a southern accent on her middle name. I suppose she is my southern belle! (Although if you ask her where she's from, she says "The Baby Patch.")

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