Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Rushing to HHI

As the summer wrapped up, all I wanted was to have just one more trip away. And since I'm nothing but a "yes mom" when it comes to granting Bimmer's travel wishes, I knew a quick trip to the beach was all my baby girl needed to be happy to say goodbye to summer. Hilton Head Island, SC, was the winner!


First things first, here's where we ate:

1) The Cottage - Located in historic Bluffton (before you get to the island) it was a great quick and easy stop before hitting up the outlet malls, without having to eat at a chain
2) Roastfish & Cornbread - Not your typical touristy restaurant (in fact, we were the only tourists there) with a more southern, soul food kind of vibe. I wasn't in love - Puff was
3) Salty Dog Cafe - Yes, it's super touristy, but we got there early and had no wait (a perk of traveling in shoulder season) and I loved my blackened shrimp with au gratin potatoes
4) Fiesta Fresh - My assistant was raving about this place. The food was defintely fresh, but my quesadilla was bland. Didn't live up to the hype for me.
5) Sweet Carolina Cupcakes - We stumbled upon this one afternoon and they had giant pink cupcakes that Bimmer insisted on eating. I didn't stop her. We maybe fought over whose it was.

Outside of eating, it really was the most perfect, relaxing, family beach vacation we have had. We spent every day at the beach or in the pool... even after dinner one night! I drank pina coladas and we took a 3 hour nap one afternoon. We bought Salty Dog and Piggly Wiggly t-shirts (yes, one for each of us) and visited the lighthouse at Harbor Town. Isn't that a must-see when in HHI?
Bimmer grew up on us a little bit over the trip... she busted out by saying her full name one day, out of the blue. And her name is a mouthful! It's pretty much the cutest thing ever. Or well, isn't everything she does the cutest thing ever?

I hate that the summer is wrapping up. We have actually had a night or two recently where wearing jeans was kinda maybe possible. I know October is just around the corner and we will be super busy with life and all the fun things that fall brings to us here in SC. I'm just so happy that all of us were able to take this quick little getaway... just us... as a family.
They are my world. Even if it sometimes feels like I have two children.

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The Fischer Family said...

Fun trip! This is on our bucket list of places to go! Bimmer is growing up so fast! What a cutie!!