Wednesday, October 16, 2013

American Pickers

Nothing says fall to me quite like apple picking. So, the first weekend in October, with my parents in town visiting from The Fort, we did just that.
Even if I don't really like apples.
I wanted the photos to feel like fall, so we all dressed accordingly, even though it was about 80 degrees. Living in South Carolina will do that to ya! We tried out a new orchard this time that I had never been to before, Justus Orchard, in Hendersonville, NC. It was cute, but we got there later than I would have wanted, so it was super crowded. We're talking busloads.
My favorite thing was the cow train that was pulled behind a tractor.
And yes, the entire family went for a ride.
By the time we got around to apple picking, we realized that all the trees close to the front were picked over, and it was getting so hot, I was getting sick. So we faked it, took some cute photos, and then bought pre-picked apples in their store! Shhh...... don't tell anyone!

I'm still upset it was too hot and too crowded to stop and eat a fried apple pie. Oh well, maybe next time! I just always want Bimmer to have these kind of adventures and never miss out on anything!
Happy picking! Back with more fun fall adventures soon!

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Kari said...

Super fun! I love going to the apple orchard too- but we never pick our own...we always go the easy route and buy the bags already picked! Sorry it was so hot- that's kind of miserable! But you got some super cute pictures!