Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Prayer Warriors Needed

OK, prayer warriors. I know I've got to have a few of you out there. Right? I haven't turned all of you off yet, have I?
Seriously though... Sunday afternoon, Puff got a call from his brother that the FIL wasn't doing well. And that Puff needed to head to The Great White North as soon as possible. The BIL wanted Puff to see his dad before he was incoherent.
Ton of bricks, officially dropped.
He had been in the hospital for a week or so with an infection, but we had no idea it was getting to this point. We talked to him several times on the phone on Sunday and he didn't sound THAT bad. So Puff made the call to drive up Monday morning. However, at 9:30pm on Sunday night, the BIL called and said that the FIL was having heart trouble. His pacemaker and defibrillator had gone off 23 times on Sunday alone and they were moving him to a CCU. Puff wanted to jump in the car immediately, but I knew that driving 12+ hours in the middle of the night with no sleep, speeding I'm sure, wasn't best. He didn't need to die on the way getting there. Not when he has Bimmer at home to think about.
I talked him into leaving Monday morning and I didn't even see him before he hit the road, since it was so early. As of Wednesday, the update was this:
They moved him to a hospital in a bigger city, about an hour from his house. This was actually good news to me - I always am concerned that the tiny town he lives in doesn't have the best medical care. His infection has been getting better and he is currently undergoing a procedure for them to catheterize his heart to see if they can find the problem.
So, yes, I need prayers. Lots and lots of them. Puff, being the ever practical thinker that he is sometimes, even packed a suit for a funeral. I hated to watch him put that in his suitcase. I definitely hope this isn't the time for that. He has been on the brink like this before and has bounced back. I know he won't always be able to do that. I know that he will ultimately go to be with God. He has lived a fun and full life, but I just think there's a little bit more in there for him. Or I'm hoping so anyway. For all my hatred of my MIL, I truly love my FIL. He is a genuine and sweet and caring and giving person. And I hate that he lives so far away that he isn't an active participant in our lives.
Thoughts and prayers are welcome. Thank you in advance.

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