Sunday, December 22, 2013

Night, Night Sleeyhead

It's been more than 6 months since Puff and I cracked down on Operation Get in Yo Crib. (Read about the first debacle HERE and read about the success HERE.) So I thought you might need an update!
If I told you everything was rainbows and glittery unicorns, you'd just throw poo at me and call me a liar. That's because I would be totally lying. For the most part, it's better. That's the god's honest truth. Is it perfect? No. Does she stay in her crib all night, every night? Nope.
For about 2 1/2 months, she was in her crib all night, every night. We had a pretty strict 5am rule... she could get out of the crib and get a bottle if it were after that time. Then mid-September happened and she was sick and we were traveling and the snowball just kept rolling down hill. It's pretty much impossible for me, having a heart and all, to listen to my sick baby cry from her crib. So there were lots of nights of snuggling together. Or nights of her waking up at 2am for a bottle. We gave in. We felt like we didn't have a choice.
October was pure insanity at work. Sometimes we held hard and fast to our "rules" and sometimes we didn't have the energy. Somewhere around the start of November, we decided to get back into the routine. It only took a night or two of her whimpering in the middle of the night before she got the hang of the whole sleeping from 9pm til past 7am in her crib. No bottle. No snuggles. Just lots of mornings waking up with peed on sheets. Eh... I'll take it.
Naps are a whole other story, but that's my fault. I like to nap with her on the weekends. Probably because it gives me a big ol' fat legitimate excuse for taking a nap myself. (DO YOU BLAME ME?!?!) It's not hurting anything and she loves it. Even as she's rounded the year and a half mark, she still prefers to lay on top of me to fall asleep. I'm inclined to let her as long as she still fits.
So while we still have nights where she ends up in bed with one of us (like around Thanksgiving when she was having coughing fits in the middle of the night that would wake her) she's in her crib enough. She knows that's her bed and she goes down without fuss. Now if we could just get her healthy and get another bedroom, we'd be golden. Why do we need another bedroom? Because when either Puff or myself tire of sleeping with one another, we hit the road to the bed in Bimmer's room, which doubles as our spare room.
It's pretty hard to ignore her if she wakes up in the middle of the night, spies you from the crib slats, and stands up bawling while looking at you. Or waving and shouting "Hi-eee!!!!" Think she's spoiled much?

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