Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Shopping Reviews

I think the last time I did a monthly faves list was back in early summer. I won't bore you with those anymore, unless I find a product I am super excited about. However... I am going to bore you today with details on my experiences at 3 online retailers that I've tried recently. You've probably heard of some of them, maybe not others. It just seems that these sometimes-mom-run, online pop-up sale type websites are where it's at right now.
#1 - Zulily
This is probably the one you've all heard of before. I have ordered twice from them... once a t-shirt for Bimmer, and another time a bathing suit/cover-up combo for her. Both items were exactly what I expected, delivered promptly, and when I accidentally clicked "Buy" twice on one of them, they easily remedied that and cancelled one of my orders. HOWEVER... what I didn't realize was that they have a "No Returns" policy! I was devastated when I got Bimmer's adorable tankini that I hoped she could wear next summer and it didn't even fit her now! I suppose it's my fault that I didn't read all the fine print. That's my only gripe, and a pretty darn good reason why I won't order anything I'm not 100% sure about from here on out.
I would insert their logo, but can't find a version that is copy-friendly
I came across this from a friend via Facebook who was posting that they liked this page to be entered in a chance to win free items. This works a little differently thank Zulily. I'm pretty convinced it's a mom-run situation where they pick 3 items each week that they can order en masse from China, and they offer them to you at a steep discount. I've ordered twice from them... once a pack of 12 chevron bows for Bimmer, and the second time, a chevron scarf for me. I paid $12 for 10 medium sized bows, and maybe $6 for the scarf. The only problem is that there is no instant gratification with them. The bows took about a month to arrive, and the scarf took over 6 weeks. However, they are very clear about the shipping time frame when you order, so it wasn't a surprise. They have offered a lot of cute items over the past few months I've been stalking them. I anticipate something cute in the future that I just can't resist.
This website is a giant mix of who-knows-what. They offer daily deals that I get emailed to me. Sometimes they're clothes or kid related. A lot of the time, they are craft items. I've ordered three times from them and have been very happy with the results. I ordered a bunch of thin infinity scarves at $2.99 a pop and they arrived to my house within 3 days. The next order was a custom address stamp. It took about 2 weeks, since it was customized, but it was perfect when it arrived. I'm currently waiting for my delivery now of a $4 alphabet stamp set and $1 washi tape. I definitely would recommend this shop. Are they ever going to offer super quality items for $2.99? No. But that's a bargain compared to what I probably would have paid for the same scarf at a store.
Here's hoping you have gotten your holiday shopping done already (mine was done early November, and wrapped by mid-November - don't hate me) but these are a few good options for gifts throughout the year!

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