Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Shhh... You Can't See Me

As much as I love Kimhead, one recent day, I dubbed her Queen Buzzkill.




I suppose we need a little backstory here, eh?

Back in college, I did my American duty and "supported" a few of our troops in the Army and Marines. Somehow in this phase of life (every girl goes through that, right???) I came to own a camoflage hat. A bucket hat at that... one that a toddler should wear at the beach. It was downright hideous. I have no idea why I ever bought it. But it certainly wasn't to wear out in public. However, once I caught wind that Kimhead was basically morally opposed to me wearing it, it became my mission to make her look at it as much as possible. There were lots of nights spent wearing it with my pajamas while I sat in my bed in our shared dorm room working on homework.


So, when I picked up my washed camo Tom's from a local store that special ordered my size, I knew I had to send a photo to Kimhead. I texted her and asked her if she knew where my camo hat was so I could wear it to match my new shoes. She promptly replied that she burnt it. No surprise there. I informed her that camo is the new neutral. (I was, in fact, inspired to buy these from a blog I stumbled across through one of Kimhead's favorite blogs... Mix & Match Mama... who also sports camo jeans that I'm obsessed with.) And what does Kimhead come back with?

She tells me that camo is being banned in schools because it's a gang color now.


Anyway... it's a good thing I'm not in high school. Because I'm going to wear the shit out of these camo shoes. You would think she would be proud of me for being excited about shoes!!! (Ha ha ha... Kimhead, I still love you! Maybe one day I'll be excited about 4 inch heels, just for you!)

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