Thursday, December 19, 2013

Three Cheers, the Holidays are Here

*Bear with me for about the next month as I keep you overloaded with holiday posts!*
The Sunday after Thanksgiving is always the day to decorate The Bungalow. I desperately yearn to be the super-mom who has garland across the mantle and Christmas centerpieces on the dining room table. And I will eventually be that mom... once we are in a bigger house where I have more storage. Until then, I'm doing as little as possible. In fact, having a toddler means doing even less.
I had bought a small tree after Christmas a few years ago, with the intent of making it my Dallas Cowboys tree. That hasn't happened yet, so instead, Puff and I made it a toddler-proof tree. Some cheap garland and shatter-proof ornaments later, and Bimmer had her very own tree. She would "ooohhh" at the lights every time we turned it on for her!
I took a crazy chance and put up our real tree in the sunroom and didn't do anything all that different to make it toddler-proof. The fact that it's in a room with a door I can shut helps. I normally at least decorate the mantle, but I just wasn't feeling it this year. All that made it were our stockings. But that was all that needed to make it so we could celebrate St. Nick!
The tradition I've started with Bimmer is that St. Nick (who comes on December 6th - it seems to be more of a Catholic thing) always brings Christmas pajamas and an ornament to be stored away for her for when she grows up and moves out on us! There are other things too, of course, but always those. I love that Puff and I get to start new traditions with our baby girl!
One of those that I'm not sure will hold is going to visit Santa. She did awesome last year, but this year....
The only Christmas tradition that Puff and I have celebrated every single year since we've been together is to go out to the suburbs to this crazy house to stroll through their yard to look at their lights. We tried to go several times, but the weather was always uncooperative. When we finally got to do it, Bimmer was fascinated! She was screaming "Ooohhh!!!" from halfway up the street. It melted my heart to get to spend that time with her and Puff as a family.
What traditions do you have in your family? I'm hoping to pick up on ever more as the years roll by!

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