Sunday, December 8, 2013


Sometime in early November, I was taken over by aliens. And not the cute kind that pop out your hoo-ha 9 months later in the form of a cute adorable little baby. Nope... I was overtaken by something that changed me in a way I never thought possible. A mindset shift that had never happened before...

I joined a gym.

In my adult life, I've pretty much perfected the art of being a lazy-ass. I lay around, eat brownies, bitch about being fat, and then eat more brownies to drown my sorrows. I've been lucky enough to lose weight when I need it (almost 10 pounds for my wedding) and I was able to get back to my pre-baby weight after awhile without too terribly much effort. However, I'm at the top end of that 5 pound fluctuation I used to have pre-baby. I'd rather be at the bottom end. And stay there. But I'm realizing that post Bimmer, I need to give my body a little nudge.

The elliptical that is collecting dust in our sunroom is obviously not working. Lack of motivation runs rampant through me! What would be another solution? Well, I used to swim competitively. Maybe swimming would do the trick. Because deciding to do that as you are going into winter is always a bright idea! (Total buzzkill to force yourself to go outside after swimming with wet hair in the cold!)
I researched three local gyms and zeroed in on one in particular... it was the most convenient between the house and work, the cheapest, and they didn't close their lap pool in the 5pm-7pm window for classes. They offered a day pass for less than $10, so I didn't have any excuse. I could try it out a few times with no major commitment. And I did it. For a few weeks, I went twice a week. I made myself do a minimum of 12 laps, since that was what I did the first time. When I saw they were offering a discount to join the week of Thanksgiving with the donation of canned goods, I bit the bullet.
I showed up with my cans of sweet corn and a credit card and signed on the dotted line. A monthly membership. Something that would be automatically deducted from my account. A financial responsibility to maintain myself and get myself into better shape. If wasting money isn't a motivator, nothing is. Except maybe brownies. I'd like there to be a tray of warm gooey brownies waiting for me in the locker room each time I get out of the pool, if we can arrange that.
Puff and I are super unsure whether or not we will ever try to make Bimmer a big sister. If we do, it will happen next year. I don't want to go into another possible pregnancy with extra weight around my midsection. I need more energy and to be in a better place physically before we jump the gun on that. My goal is 5 pounds lost within the next few months. I hope to swim at least twice a week. And somewhere in there, I am going to take full advantage of my membership including Bimmer (she's free til she's 4!) and take her to have some quality pool time with Mommy. She will just die when she sees their baby waterslide!

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Anonymous said...

Good for you! I need to do something like this too! I've gotten sooo lazy! I hope you'll find it to be a rewarding experience!