Friday, December 27, 2013

Santa Claus Came to Town

Our family celebrates Christmas about ten different times. Or so it feels. We have separate celebrations with just about every combination of people imaginable. So when the MIL cancelled our planned weekend (talk about frustration to this woman here who had that on her calendar since last year - bitch has no respect for me and my plans) we just had to do our own family Christmas a little early. We didn't care... Bimmer doesn't quite grasp the whole "Christmas morning = Santa" thing yet, so we were in the clear.
Bimmer and I gifted Puff an oxford, a polo, some things to keep beer cold (don't really know how to explain them) and a super cool bound book of articles from NY Times weekend trips.
They gifted me a few necklaces, a ceramic picture frame, a Spartina wallet, and that West Elm throw I have been talking about!
We figure this is the last year we don't have to go overboard on the Santa gifts, so Bimmer came away with two new t-shirts, two Christmas-themed books, a blanket and pillow that had been mine as a baby, wooden building blocks, and bath magnets that were car-themed. Yup, she loves her some cars!
And yes, a few of those things had already been given to her previously that I set aside and rewrapped. Does that make me a horrible mom? Eh.... as long as this is her reaction on Christmas morning with all her gifts, I suppose it doesn't really matter.

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