Sunday, December 29, 2013

19 Month Update

* At her last doctor's appointment, Bimmer weighed in at 27 pounds and is 32 inches tall. That puts her in the 92% for weight, but only 57% for height. Poor girl has her Mommy's belly! Doc Hottie asked me if she ever stopped moving and then told me that we "will have your hands full with this one." It probably didn't help that Bimmer was flirting with him the entire time.
* She has started feeding her baby doll a bottle all the time. It's pretty much the most precious thing ever. It actually makes me want to have a second baby every time I see her doing it. She has also become the baby hoarder and wants to carry around all her dolls and stuffed animals. She gets so excited when you let her sit in the recliner with all her babies.
* I expect her vocabulary to start growing exponentially in the next few months. Already in the past week, she has picked up on saying "boot" and "rain" and "whale," "doctor," and "color." She is also now saying "Elmo" very clearly, versus the "Momo" she has been saying. Over Thanksgiving weekend, she started with the "No." And now she's using it for everything. God help us!
* She has finally figured out how to climb up on the couch. She was so proud of herself when she learned. (Update: This comes and goes. If she can't make it on the first try, she just stands there yelling "Up! Up! Up!"
* As ridiculous as it sounds, we have had our first fashion meltdown. She threw an epic tantrum one morning when I wouldn't let her wear her boots to daycare. I'm such a mean mom, cramping her style.
* Bimmer is really starting to grasp and enjoy pretend play. She has tea parties and will get a wash cloth and pretend to give us baths. She also loves to grab any bottle that looks like lotion and pretend to rub it on herself. My parents sent her a kitchen for Christmas, so I'm anxious for her to play with that too!
* We are working on getting rid of the morning bottle. Bimmer is *not* happy with this. The first few mornings, there was lots of body flopping on the bed and floor and running to the corner screaming "No!" when we tried to give it to her. On morning 6 she took it fine, but only because I put chocolate milk in it. It's a work in progress, but I refuse to go backward now! Over a week in, she was still iffy about it. We've found that giving her a snack along with the sippy makes it less of a debacle. Although after two weeks, she realized that getting sick would revert her back to a bottle, since that's the only way she will take her medicines. One step forward, three steps back with this one.

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