Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nursery: Finale

I know, I know. I should have posted this before Bimmer got here. So sue me! I have a perfectly legitimate reason... the flat screen TV.

But more on that in a minute...


This is one side of Bimmer's room. We already had the tall dresser, and were very happy it squeezed into that tight spot by the closet. I've already talked about some of the decorative items (HERE) so I won't bore you with those again. And yes, we realize we will have to relocate the crib once she is mobile, since it's within grabbing reach of the window blinds. But for now, it was where worked best to accommodate everything else we needed in the room.


Since Puff and I got accustomed to sleeping separately during the insomnia part of pregnancy, this guest bed had to stay. Plus, it comes in handy on nights when one of us can stay in the room with the baby and the other one can get some real shut-eye in the master bedroom. Thankfully, since Bimmer was a girl, we didn't have to buy anything new. My Granny had gifted us that quilt about a year ago from her personal stash, and we had already gotten the pillow shams and throw pillow from West Elm. (Gosh, I miss shopping at West Elm!)

Two things of note... yes, I know the painting is really too high on the wall. But when we sit there daybed style, it's high enough for us to not be knocking our heads on it. Second, the ugly black nightstand. This is just a casualty of me losing my job. We have every intention to replace it with some sort of low bookshelf with baskets that can be used in the future for Bimmer's toys and books. For now, it's a holding space for my hair dryer, toiletries, and other misc. goodies that don't fit anywhere else in The Bungalow.


So... this is the reason I'm behind the curve on getting this posted. See, we had our new flat screen TV on this dresser up until Bimmer's arrival. We had discussed having the cable company come out earlier to install a jack in our master bedroom, but we just never got around to doing it. So, we wanted to keep it hooked up as long as possible in her room. But once she got here, the TV got replaced by a changing pad. We had originally registered for something purple and white, but decided the soft blue, although boyish, worked with the painting and brought in another pastel color to the room that didn't challenge anything else. And yes, unfortunately, our room isn't big enough for the foot stool that goes with our Ikea chair, on loan from Kimhead. It's a definite bummer, since we LOVE that chair. For now, we'll just prop our feet up on the bed!

There you have it.... Bimmer's nursery is finally finished! Don't worry, I'm sure we'll update you as we update it. I'm still undecided about curtains. And there will be that whole furniture switcharoo happening in a few months. Hope you like it!

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