Friday, June 22, 2012

Project 52 - Week 4

Ahhh... sleep. I remember you fondly.
Although, if I think about it, sleeping in 3 hour chunks with Bimmer is probably more restful than the waking up every 45 minutes to pee that happened at the end of the pregnancy.
A sleeping trend is starting to emerge and I am very thankful for that. She typically falls asleep around 9pm in Puff's arms and stays there until I take over the night-shift around midnight or so. It's a habit we probably need to think about breaking here soon. She is very keen on only being able to fall asleep if someone is holding her. We get roughly 3 hour chunks of sleep at a time until about 8am each morning. For the most part, she's good about just eating, getting changed, and going back to sleep overnight. (Except on the nights she's gassy. It breaks my heart to see her uncomfortable!) Her several hour long wakeful period is usually mid-morning. We have also found the trick in getting a 2 to 3 hour nap in the mid-afternoon. Putting on "The Price is Right" seems to just knock her right out! That leaves Mommy time for a shower, lunch, and a marathon of my new TV crush, Scott from "Income Property."

Now if we could just get her to like sleeping in her crib! I think it's just too big and wide open for her. She likes to feel more cozy. I would say that for baby #2, I would consider buying some type of bassinet. Although we'll outgrow The Bungalow doing that, so maybe it's time to start a house hunt!
The housekeeping and my personal hygiene have fallen by the wayside a bit (although I still manage to shower every day) but there is nothing I would have rather been doing these past 4 weeks than taking care of Bimmer. The cliche is true... I never knew my life was missing anything until I had her. She completes every dream I could ever have. Even if she keeps me awake half the night.

I will sleep later.

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