Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nursery: Step 5

Before we get into the real meat of today's entry, I just wanted to remind you that today is our big important doctor's visit. I am 35 1/2 weeks along and they are going to check this afternoon to see if they still think Bimmer is huge. If so, we may end up with an ultrasound (bonus photos of baby are always nice!) and then we may be faced with a decision: induction or c-section. Or we may find out she's normal sized and everything will progress naturally as planned. Just keep us in your thoughts and prayers today that regardless of how she gets here, she gets here healthy.

OK... so before the big nursery reveal (which should be the next time I post about the room) I thought I would post some of the small details that I love so much!


A big shout out to Bimmer's future friends, Gabe & Alyssa, for their spare Boppy. The perfect nursery coordinating cover? A happy coincidence.


Yeah, so Bimmer won't actually need shoes, but Puff couldn't resist these puppies.


The room's accessories are still not all decided upon, nor are they in place. But these are a few things that will definitely be at home in her room. First, the handmade wooden horse that Puff and I bought the baby when I was 8 weeks pregnant... at the Angola Prison Rodeo. The Precious Moments night light was mine from when I was a child. Except, somewhere over time, I decided I didn't need to keep the light and the cord. Thank goodness for Amazon to find a replacement! Lastly, the money clip is from the FIL. It had been his father's and we are happy to have a family heirloom in Bimmer's room that means something to us and can be passed along to another generation.


The pink and white seersucker fabric I scored on sale at Hobby Lobby, coupled with Rach's sewing expertise, gave us the most adorable and perfect crib skirt. I couldn't have found a better one pre-made in a bedding package if I tried! It will be even cuter once we get to lower her down a notch and it hangs to the floor. And see that gorgeous white sparkly blanket draped over the crib? My step-mom MADE that when she was recovering from surgery. It's almost too pretty to ever let Bimmer touch it!


At my shower in The Fort, my aunt gifted us this adorable little suitcase filled with some goodies. (Yes, technically it's just a fancy gift box.) But it was too cute to throw away, so I repurposed it for the time being with all of Bimmer's baby toys. It fits perfectly under the crib (which is good, since my under bed boxes are too big) and we can stash those teethers and animals until she's a bit bigger.


Somewhere on Pinterest, I had found a suggestion of using these drawer organizer boxes from Ikea. When we went to Atlanta back in March, we snagged a 6 pack of different sized boxes and I wish I had bought a few more! They are the perfect size to contain bibs, hats, socks, and onesies. I'm sure her drawers will get rearranged a ton, but the top is for diapers and accessories, plus lotions, swaddlers, receiving blankets, and white onesies. The real deal is the next drawer down with her clothes divided by type. There's not a picture of the bottom drawer, but it's for her more plush blankets, towels and wash cloths, sheets, and other extra goodies.


Yes, this child has a fabulous wardrobe. I never thought I would even want baby hangers, since I sorta thought they were a waste, but once you hang up these adorable little dresses and rompers, how could you resist?!?!

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