Monday, May 14, 2012

Moon Over Baby

If I had been working this spring, Puff and I would have definitely been partaking in a romantic weekend away to Highlands, NC, to stay at the uber-swanky Old Edwards Inn and Spa, like we did last year.
It would have been our babymoon.
For as much as we love to travel, treat ourselves, and spend quality time together, a babymoon sounded like a rock star of an idea. Especially when I had looked at my old work schedule and seen that basically all January, February, and March was jam-packed with chaos. We tenatively penciled it in for a weekend. Well, when the shit hit the fan, the trip had to take a backseat.
The "Travel" section on my photo gallery is stuck in neutral on our October trip to Myrtle Beach.
So, while there won't be any grand romantic trip away to rest and relax before Bimmer gets here, I hope we can find excitement and anticipation in knowing that our family vacations are about to become, well, more family-like. It will make our summer trip to Florida with Bimmer all that more special.
Another concept that I was strongly hinting at was the "push gift." Kimhead also had my back... discussing the options with Puff a few times. Again, me losing my job changed this concept drastically. I'm pretty sure the original gift on the table was something along these lines...
Puff probably still would have gladly gifted me with something extravagant and wonderful if I had let him. But the practical side in me just cringed at the thought of wasting money we could use to pay bills, buy diapers and formula, and build a cushion in case I don't find work in August like I hope. So instead, this is my gift...
It doesn't look like much, but it was exactly what I wanted. I had planned to take weekly photos of Bimmer anyway and when I saw this on Etsy, I just knew I had to have them. They will be perfect for all the weekly, monthly, yearly, and first day of school photos I expect to take. Of Bimmer AND of her future sibling. It was reasonably priced, practical - in the sense that it will get tons of use, and thoughtful since it will be a gift not just for me, but for all of us.
Having to take a step back and look at the world a bit more realistically when it comes to finances is probably a good lesson for both of us. Just because I didn't get a fancy trip or a diamond necklace doesn't mean that my life is any less for it. Or that our excitement and joy over this pregnancy is any less than it would have been with those things. I have always prided myself on being realistic, practical, and minimalist. No reason to lose that just because a baby is coming into play. Puff and I love each other immensely, and a free drive through the mountains with some pictures of waterfalls is just as good as an overnight stay in a hotel in the mountains. And photo blocks will be used all the time to document my growing baby daughter and I will be able to cherish those photos forever.
Plus, once I'm employed this fall, I fully expect that diamond necklace under the Christmas tree. ::insert charming grin::

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