Monday, March 7, 2011

Swanky Romance

As you know by now, Puff and I stay super busy. So when we had the opportunity to book a romantic getaway for just the two of us to relax and unwind, we jumped at the chance. It had been since last July that we'd been out of town and not had family or friends along for the ride. So this past weekend, we hopped in the car and drove to Highlands, North Carolina. Now, if you know anything at all about that part of the world, it's fully of snooty, fancy-pants people, expensive restaurants, and hoity-toity shops selling Armani clothes. Perfect, right? Ha!

Anyway, we booked a room at the ultra-swanky Old Edwards Inn & Spa and planned to take full advantage of the experience. It's a AAA 4 diamond rated hotel and was ranked by Conde Nast Traveler as the top hotel spa in the entire USA for 2010. What that means it that even in the off season, we plopped down over $200 a night for their most basic room. And it wasn't even at the actual inn in town! It was at their "Lodge" which was a few blocks off Main Street.

We got into town early enough to enjoy lunch (shrimp & scallop burger, anyone?) and check out some shops ($52 ceramic gnome, anyone?) and while we were having fun with it all, the temps plummeted and the rain continued to fall. We looked and felt like drowned rats! So I made the suggestion to see if our room was ready about 2 hours earlier than check-in. And what a brilliant idea that turned out to be! When we made it to the lodge (instead of the inn, remember) we were offered a glass of champagne. And then I heard the most brilliant words ever... "You've been upgraded to one of our suites."

It was music to our wet (and sick) ears!

Once we got inside, it was as if Puff and I had never stayed anywhere nicer than a Red Roof Inn! Let's see... what did it have? A foyer. Yup, our hotel room had a foyer. The living room had a fireplace that regulated itself to come on and off to regulate the temperature. And there were waters and cookies left for us, with a little note with our names on it. The bedroom had a flat screen TV and fluffy king sized bed with cathedral ceilings. There was a walk-in closet and a dressing room. And the bathroom. Oh, the bathroom!

Not only was the place rocking this amazing whirlpool tub (which we took full advantage of later that night) but it also had a spa shower, dual sinks, a separate toilet area, AND heated floors! From there, we ventured outside to our own private screened in porch... which lead to our own private garden & patio area!

Unfortunately, the rain prevented us from enjoying our outside space, but that didn't mean we didn't take full advantage of everything inside! After an amazing fancy-pants dinner (parmesan & rosemary encrusted chicken with a lemon caper butter sauce, anyone?) we came back to find the room turned down for the night...

Sure, we've had turn down service before, but I've never had it come with your own slippers. Or peanut butter fudge on the pillows! Heaven! The next morning, Puff sat in the living room, reading our complimentary New York Times, wearing his slippers by the fire. I curled up in the giant bed, under a down comforter, and listened to the birds and the rain.

What a wonderfully romantic weekend... coughs & sniffles aside.

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