Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Picture Me This

When Puff and I were back in The Fort in late March, we met up with our wedding and engagement photographer, Kacy, to get some snapshots of me in all my maternity glow.

Eh... rather, all my maternity fatness.

While I absolutely love everything she did for us and love the majority of the photos, I'm definitely having a hard time getting past the fact that my face is just FAT. (And why do all her other expectant mothers have no double chin? Not fair!) So, all my favorites are the ones that don't include my face. Of course, there's nothing Kacy could have done about that. It's all those damn frosted strawberry poptarts I've insisted on eating every day of my unemployment! Alas, here are a few of my faves for you to enjoy. She did such a great job and I hate that she's so far away that we can't have her do our newborn pics. I will, however, be penciling her in for Bimmer's 1 year portraits!


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