Monday, April 16, 2012

Stereotype A

I recently stumbled upon a new mommy-blog that I enjoy. She's a photographer and a mother of two little ones. She cloth diapers. And I'm insanely jealous of how quickly she lost all her baby weight. Anyhoo... in scanning her archives, I found an entry about how she is a Type A personality. And how being a mother has affected that.
Um... just to clarify... you all know I'm super Type A, right?
My living room always looks this way. Except for maybe a pair of socks that Puff has thrown off under the coffee table after I've gone to bed. But they were always picked up in the morning. I live and thrive on a plan and a routine and a schedule. I like to be in control and having a plan allows me to do so. Plus, everything has a place and a purpose. In the mommy-blog, she referenced that there was nothing that could have gotten her to stray from her Type A persona quite like parenthood. (Granted, she still keeps a pretty strict schedule - that I hope to emulate as much as possible.) She gave up things like keeping the floors lickably clean or the baby's books arranged on a shelf by color.
It made me step back and realize something... I'm already becoming LESS of a Type A fiend. I blame unemployment.
Since the start of January, the table in our office has looked like this every day. Sometimes the papers are stacked neatly. Sometimes they aren't. The pen is always laying there, instead of in its correct spot in the pen holder on the desk. That's just my little pile of unemployment paperwork. And, if I'm lucky, I'm adding new jobs to the list every day that I have applied for. Just wish I would've been a little more lucky in getting in for more interviews!
And then our guest room/nursery looked like this. For days, weeks, maybe. Sometimes I'd make the bed. Usually half-ass though, since making the bed has never been one of my anal retentive attention-getters.
All of this is just prepping me for those days when I don't feel like folding laundry or straightening the blanket on the back of Puff's recliner. I am quite certain I won't spiral out of control into mass chaos. But I think more things will just be added to that list with making the beds. Heck, dusting the baseboards has already gone on there too. And since my big ol' belly is now in the way, Dustbustering the floors on a crazy regular basis has fallen behind as well.
Who knows... maybe in some of my slacking, Puff will see what needs to be done and jump in and help out.
I'll give you a second to stop laughing and pick yourself up from the floor.
I did also find this blog entry that pretty much sums up my Type A organizational thought process. That pretty much sums up my life.

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