Friday, April 6, 2012

Flash Bulb Friday

Flash Bulb Fridays are going to be moderately adjusted for the foreseeable future. With Bimmer's arrival set next month, there's just a ton of stuff to get accomplished before then. Plus, I've been pretty diligent about writing 4-5 times a week anyway, so you probably won't notice the change much! I am going to start posting just twice a month through the summer on Fridays. I will also probably not write as detailed a description of the photo either.

I also may ultimately have a project up my sleeve to be forthcoming after Bimmer is here as well. We just will have to wait and see.

So, for now... enjoy some early March azalea buds on the bush in front of our house. If we ever do move from here, not having a line of azaleas around the house would be so sad!

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