Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nursery: Step 4


Just a gratuitous butt shot of my own personal sexy man candy, Puff! ::insert grin::

The hardest thing for us to find for the nursery was a dresser. As I've mentioned before, that room has to serve several purposes, and room is tight. Plus, since The Bungalow is small, the rooms aren't exactly suburb-sized. We plan to ultimately put the dresser on the wall where the crib is (see here) so we were very limited to the width.

Bring on Ikea!


Yes, we thought a bag full of random nuts & bolts and instructions with no words were our best option. We scoured antique stores, but never came up with something that jumped out at us. We contemplated an un-matching dresser from Babies R Us, but at almost $400, I just couldn't pull the trigger.


Plus, this Hemnes dresser from Ikea matches the temporary nightstands Puff and I are using in our room. So when Bimmer grows into her big bed, she can have a matching dresser and nightstands. Plus, the $200 price tag, perfect width, and white color made it a painless purchase. Now we just need to get a little bit closer in so we can rearrange all that furniture! I'm excited for the final product... which we will be needing here soon!

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