Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Healey 6:52

Ack! Look at that baby smile!!!
How is she already a month and a half old?!? On one hand, it makes me sad that she's growing so quickly. On the other hand, it means we are just that much closer to my all-time favorite baby milestone... being able to hold up her head on her own! It just makes things that much easier... she can be held differently and most importantly, she can sit in the Bumbo!!! Which, btw, is my all-time fave baby product.
This past week has really shown a drastic difference to me. She is much more alert and loves to be walked around, even more than before, so she can check things out. She has a nice, sweet, awake stretch late morning these days and is getting in some tummy time and some time on her mat on the floor to just wiggle and kick. She has definitely smiled at me a few times when I'm using my baby voice and begging her to smile at me. Yes, it made me tear up the first time it happened. I just know that it will be happening a lot more frequently in the coming weeks. Puff is starting to like her more now too because of these things. I am loving that she is chill in either her swing or on her mat so that I can interact with her for awhile and then let her flail around and coo while I get things done... like clean up the living room, or read blogs. Ya know, important things.
Last night? She had a bottle at 9:20pm and then didn't wake up again after that until 4am!!!! I'm not delusional - I know it won't last. And I was holding her, so of course that isn't ideal. But yay! Never mind that she was then up for an hour after that ready to play. I just laid her in the bed next to me and let her wiggle about. I may or may not have dozed in and out!
My favorite thing I've noticed this week though? How much she is paying attention to Bimmer. I can hold Healey or lay her on the bed and Bimmer will sing or jump around or do whatever crazy things a 3 year old does, and Healey is content to watch her. I just wish I knew what was going through her head when she was watching her!

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